Simpole Tomahawk Waterfed Pole

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The Tomahawk waterfed pole is a great pole for residentail and lower commercial window cleaning work. The pole is a high modulus 3k carbon fiber construction. Simpole is on a mission to make this the first pole made from start to finish in the USA. It will take time to get there but they are hoping to make this happen in the near future. Buy this and get a super stiff high quality pole while supporting USA made.

Size and specs

- 30’ Max length 

- 7 section

- Closed length 6’

- Weight 5 lbs.

- Bottom section diameter 35mm


How long will this pole last?

All Simpoles are made from the highest quality materials and will last a lifetime. With the proper care this could be the last pole you have to buy. We also offer affordable refinishing services for any Simpole you own.


Why did Aeria Pro choice to sell Simpoles?

We believe in selling quality products especially high ticket equipment, it should be made to last. We could not think of any other water fed pole brand that could better deliver on this principle than Simpole. We are proud to partner with Simpole and bring you the best water fed poles possible.