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If you haven’t heard of the “Chariot”, Bucket Buddy, or the Mo Flo, then you haven’t been paying attention. These products from C3D Solution seem to have sprung up out of nowhere and seem to be everywhere. It feels like every other window cleaner is using one of these tools and the industry has embraced them. So, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview the founder. I wanted to understand Brent and Landin’s rise from window cleaning to product design. But before we jump into the interview, let’s get to know Brent a little better. He is a father of two...

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Why do we clean windows for a living? I am sure none of us dreamt of being a window cleaner as a child. Well, maybe a few... hahaha. But here we are window cleaners. We struggle with common issues, such as, difficult employees and customers, extreme heat and cold, muscle fatigue, stinging and biting insects, the risk of electric shock, and the dangers of working on ladders and platforms. Not to mention the social stigma associated with being a window cleaner. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before; you meet someone for the first time and they ask you what you...

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     THE WAY OF THE WINDOW CLEANER (EPISODE 1)   T.J. (A.K.A) T-Squeegee is one of the fastest rising names in today’s window cleaning community. He is a window cleaner, vlogger, pod caster, social media influencer, t-shirt designer, jokester, creative force, and defender of the little guy. That is a mouthful. I’ve been following his channel (Squeegee Life) for a while now. Disclaimer, if you are easily offended, do not like to hear the F-bomb dropped and crude joking, than his podcast is not for you. I must admit, sometimes it’s too much and I stop listening. But, I...

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