About Us

Our mission

To help you, the window cleaner, reach your professional goals and enable you to have an easier, productive, and fulfilling work day.

Design philosophy 

• Creating tools which eliminate time wasting practices and techniques while improving the functionality of existing tools.

• Compatible and complementary with other brands.

• A focus on innovative and game changing ideas, not products that are just incrementally different.

Founder Ray Valentin 

Aeria Pro’s story begins with my personal journey into the window cleaning industry. I started a window cleaning company back in 2012. Like most guys starting out, I was pretty much learning through trial and error, as well as, YouTube and forums. Eventually my skills as a window cleaner began to mature. I started making small changes to my tools based on my own ideas on efficiency and customizing for my personal approach and technique. My designs have since made window cleaning easier for me and my employees. Aeria Pro is the culmination of all those years perfecting and iterating my designs. Now, my primary ambition is to help other window cleaners achieve their business and work goals by increasing their capacity for efficiency, safety, and longevity.


Why Aeria?

Aeria is the Latin word for airborne, aerial, or towering. It is also the name of a butterfly species (hence the butterfly logo)

We thought Aeria Pro would be the perfect name for a company who’s mission is to help window cleaners reach their professional goals as they literally reach for the sky on ladders with telescopic poles, water fed poles, or hanging from a high rise.