Tiger Fins Abrasive Systems Starter Kit (Small 10-12” brush)

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What you will receive in your Tiger Fins Starter Kit

• 4 bronze wool pads with Velcro backing

• 4 Blue non scratch abrasive pads

• 4 White non scratch abrasive pads

• 4 Fin holder strips with stainless steel screws

• 4 Fins (these attach to the holder strips and hold the abrasive pads)

• 1 guide template (use this to move bristle out of the way as you install and measure hole placement).


Brush sizes

-Fits 10-12” brush. 


Brush types

Tiger Fins are design for dual trim bristles.

Do to bronze wool shortage on part of our bronze supplier we are behind on orders. Please allow for 1-2 week order fulfillment. This is temporary just until we catch up.